Snow Day!

Today I slept in late and woke up to a lovely, light snowfall.  I think today is the first time since I’ve moved to the city that I have actually seen the snow fall, as opposed to flurrying haphazardly in all directions.  It was nice, and it was calming, and it looked like the kind of snow I wouldn’t mind riding in.  I lie in bed for a few more minutes, pretending that the rush of traffic outside my window was ocean waves; the screaming crackheads were seagulls crying.  Then we got on our bikes and rode to the park for a snow day!

I haven’t had a snow day like today in a long time.  First we explored the park, which was almost completely empty when we arrived.  The snow was thick and deep and as we trudged through it I pretended like I was in The Grey, trying to survive against all odds.  But it wasn’t that serious, it wasn’t really that cold today.  As we walked we talked about potentially moving out of the state again and soon, to somewhere with more nature.  Then we saw a red-tailed hawk perched on a black iron fence that surrounded some sort of decrepit and abandoned manor in the middle of the park, and he let us get quite close.  When he looked at us his eyes took my breath away; I had expected them to be brownish-red or black but they were an icy-almost white-blue.  I told the boy that whatever direction the hawk flew in was the direction we should move.  The hawk flew east first, to land on the roof of the building, then west again to land in a tree, then back east to perch in the rafters and watch us as we walked by.  We tried to decipher the tracks we saw in the snow, to figure out what kind of animals had caused them, but the snow was deep and continuously falling, covering the details of the tracks.  We guessed rabbits and squirrels and cross-country skiiers. We walked across a frozen pond with those niggling thoughts that maybe the ice wasn’t that thick across the whole pond, what would happen if we fell in, would we be able to get out?  We made it almost to the other side and climbed out when we spotted tons of little kids sledding and screaming in the distance.

“Little fuckers,” I muttered.

“What?  Why are they little effers?” he asked.

“Because they have sleds and we don’t.”  I will never grow up.

Then we discovered that the snow was great for packing and an intense snowball fight ensued.  We made it back to the bridge that spanned the pond and decided that we would have one final duel to determine the winner of the fight.  We stood back to back in the middle of the bridge and counted 5 steps, then turned and attacked.  I won, with a solid shot to the boy’s buttocks.  Then he turned me upside down and held me over the railing of the bridge and I screamed for mercy.  Then we discovered that there was possibly a hole in the ice next to the bridge and I threw a snowball in it to make sure.  My first shot was perfect, once again, and determined with a disconcerting splash that we had made the right decision on exiting the pond before reaching the bridge.

On the walk back to our bikes we spotted several Canadian geese flying and honking through the sky; they were in terrible formation at first and totally freaking out, but then they got it together, made their tight V-shape, and swooped back around over head and we were proud of them.  Then we practiced many LARP-worthy ninja rolls until my shoulder and head started hurting and then we headed to Aldi’s to get stuff to make some great stew for dindin.

All in all a perfect snow day!


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