Waaagh!  It looks like I am taking neither job!  I woke up today with some sort of heinous stomach flu which has necessitated a steady diet of chicken noodle soup and fake ritz crackers (“Savoritz” from Aldi’s, very clever!).  I didn’t think I would be able to leave the house even but I did.  The boy and I went to the bike shop to pick up my new wheel set and I got some more nagchampa for relaxation purposes as I read that having emotional anxiety and stress can affect your tummy tum in a negative way.  The boy tried to buy me a cheap ass balaclava from a dollar store but it ended up containing some sort of chemical that California (thanks sunshine state!  or is that Florida?) recognizes as causing birth defects so I returned it.  Then we came home and I tried to put the new wheels on my asshole bike but being weak and sick and working with wet cold tires was very frustrating.  The boy helped me a lot, which is ironic because I remember the first time I helped him change a flat on the Willyburg bridge….but that’s a different story for a different time…Unfortunately the valves on the tubes AND the tires I have were too big for the wheels.  This slightly angered me as the guy who sold ’em to me said that they would fit but I felt too woozy to keep being mad and the boy gave me a patched up tube and one of his old tires so I could at least put the back wheel on.  But then, guess what?  The chain I had on my bike was apparently a multi-speed chain, meaning that it doesn’t fit over the cogs on the new wheels!  Fuck stick!  Then the boy broke both his chain breaker and the chain when trying to put the chain back together, and my chain breaker is all wobbly and fucked up.  Why is that?  Are chain breakers really just one-use tools or are we using them wrong?  So once again the idealistic light that I view fixing bikes in was dimmed by the frustrating reality of having the wrong parts and broken tools.  Damn.  So even if I wanted to go do the bike job tomorrow I can’t.  The boy says he will bring me a new chain and a new tube tomorrow so I guess everything will be alright.  I will work on making Cthulhu as light as possible since he really is a heavy piece of work. 

I have also been continuing the pulse test today, and timing myself using the timer on my phone.  The phone barks when the timer is done,and I accidentally left it on while I was fixing the soup.  When I came back into the bedroom the boy was laying his head on the desk and gazing at the phone as it continued to bark.  He said that it made him want to get a dog.  Talk about the power of suggestion!  We both want a dog, but I know better, since I have the saddest dog story in the history of the world under my belt.  I was going to tell it here today, but I don’t think I can now.  I told the boy when we were laying in bed and I couldn’t finish it, I just started crying.  That was surprising, I don’t usually just start crying over things, even if they are really sad.  Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, maybe I just don’t feel that well, or maybe I never really gave myself a chance to be sad about the saddest dog story.  Anyway, I will try to tell the saddest dog story ever tomorrow, so get your tissues ready. 


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