Boring Saturday

Alright, I decided to take the bike job after all!  So what if it pays less than the office job, I get to be outside riding around! So what if it is cold as frick outside! I get to be paid for riding a bike!  Hallelujah!  I am a wee bit afraid of getting cold feet but thanks to some tips from Max the Cyclist I think I’ll be alright!  And literal cold feet are better than metaphorical cold feet, right?  At least literal cold feet are a sign of action in this case…

…In other news the boy and I rode to the grocery store that went out of business today with visions of  dumpsters chock full of food but all we found was a week old carton of whipping cream and a bunch of cleaning supplies.  Super bummer.  We spend so much money on food it is ridiculous.  I actually have a tendency to get pretty angry when I am in the grocery store.  Like EFF the prices, eff the fluorescent lighting, eff the incredible waste on daily display.  I watch as the employees fill cardboard boxes with bruised produce and expired snack food.  I know all of that food is going directly into the trash compactor out back, and that is ridiculous.  I will cut the bruisy parts off of the produce and I have faith that all of the preservatives in the snack food defy an expiration date!  I mean, who hasn’t eaten expired food and felt perfectly fine afterward? I WILL EAT THAT FOOD. A lot of people will eat that food… This is why I need to go spend some time on a farm with my buddies this spring!  I think that will be the preliminary plan: stay in the city until April, then go to the farm, then go into the mountains for the summer, then go leave the ol U.S. of ‘Merica in the fall.  Good plans…

Today I have also been conducting the pulse test to try and figure out what food sensitivities I have since I don’t have a shitload of money or health insurance for that matter.  It’s free and it’s easy and it’s sort of almost meditative since you are required to take your pulse fourteen times a day for a minute each time and you have to stop what you are doing and just count for sixty seconds.  That’s fourteen minutes of meditation snuck into your day!  The first meal I had the results were a little off since I went from basically being a lazy slug like creature whose life blood seems to come from wallowing on the couch and playing bejeweled to riding fifteen miles in fifteen degree weather, but otherwise it looks like I am either allergic to everything or just things with fructose in them which is pretty much everything I eat.  As I read the list of high fructose foods to the boy I went from being excited about possibly finally figuring out what is behind all my tummy troubles to becoming droopy and melancholy.

“Apples, baby, apples are high in fructose,”  (I eat an apple pretty much every day)

“And what else?” (he doesn’t really care but is humoring me)

“Watermelon…and…and onions…and… tomatoes,”  (my voice is trembling)

But we will see if I am actually intolerant of fructose or if this is just another case of hypochondria kicking in.  Anyway today was an alright day, and I hope that yours was too!


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