Idle hands…


Tiny things on my windowsill…

Someone should pay me for the good samaritan work I did on craigslist today!  I went through the posts in the gigs section and flagged all of the spammy ones, which included any posts that had links to click on in the body of the post as well as the more distasteful “adult work “ads.  It’s true, I’m a puritan.  I mean, really, I think if having sex with strangers averaged $30,000 a month you wouldn’t need to be pimping on craigslist.  So Friday’s craigslist was cleeeeaaan  as a whistle thanks to me not being employed yet.

Speaking of, I have been offered two vastly different jobs, both starting this Monday.  Which one should I take?  One is an office job paying $11 an hour and one is a bike messenger job paying more like $8 an hour.  Most people would say duh, take the higher paying indoor job, right?  But do I want to be trapped in an office all day?  Sure, I can ride my bike to and fro work and get my kicks that way.  I just don’t know….working in an office will also entail purchasing a lot more clothes, since I have approximately one office appropriate outfit which I already wore to the office job interview.  Hmmmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmm.  What to dooo, what to do.  How do people figure these types of things out?  I am terrible at making decisions like this.  The high temperature for Monday is zero degrees, making the office job appear a little more tempting.  But I am also trying to do a bit of traveling next month, which makes the biking job more alluring.  Damnnnn.  Hmmm.  Damn and hmmm.  If anyone has any insight into this please let me know what you think!

In other news I would like to record a message saying “all representatives are currently busy, please wait on the line and your call will be answered in the order it was received” to play to the debt collectors when they call.   Or maybe I could call them and play the message when they answered.  Yes.

In still  other news, I watched the best documentary ever last night, called Buck.  It was about the original Horse Whisperer,  Buck Brannaman, and it was a real tear jerker.  For me at least, but I’ve been a little neurotic lately and everything is kind of making me want to cry.  I’m not sure why, exactly.   It would be nice to know that, to know why.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have cigarettes to stifle or numb my emotions?  I miss my smoky asshole friends.  😦

Also today I learned to play Big Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder and All the Wild Horses by Ray Lamontagne on the guitar.  I love All the Wild Horses a lot, and especially after watching Buck it made me feel feelings.

That’s my primary goal this week, other than figuring out the job and traveling situations: to figure out how to deal with so-called “negative” emotions.  As I learn the answers to my questions I will, of course, come back and share them with you, as one always does on a hero’s journey.


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