Full Moon Magic!


I have had a great day today and would like to thank the full moon magic that I believe is responsible for the mega posi train that I am riding!  First of all we will begin with this picture, which depicts nagchampa smoke gathering in the sunlight in my room, which I find to be quite lovely.  I began my day begrudgingly at 8:00 AM, which is when I arose from a series of nightmares; the only one I can remember was about these crazy clown people who would call for help from the woods at night and people would stop their cars to get out and try to help them and the crazy clown people would kidnap the people and take them to their underground bunker and keep them in coffins filled with spiders and snakes.  No frickin’ bueno!

So upon arising, the boy and I booked it through the freezing sunlight to get to our joint job interview at the bike messenger place.  As long as the background check doesn’t reveal any warrants or felonies (which to be perfectly honest…it posssssibly could) then we should have bike courier jobs starting next week!  Woohoo!  Then we stopped and got much too giant slices of pizza and rootbeer for brunch and then we rode home and I took a shower and got into my matching Eddie Bauer pajamas and took a nice 2.5 hour long nap.  (A note on the Eddie Bauer pajamas: every year my Grandma gets me something from Eddie Bauer.  It has gotten to the point where I have entire winter outfits in different colors but with matching prints.  I kind of am in love with this effect. )

When I woke up I asked our roommate whose classical guitar was gathering dust in the studio and he said “yours”.  So, frick yeah, I have a guitar now!!  Then tonight we went to the boy’s friend’s house and he gave me a laptop!  So now I can actually write blogs of length instead of wearily “typing” away on me iphone (oh, the inhumanity)!  F yeah!

Then we got a bunch of groceries and I made fried chicken and broccoli and cheesy mashed potatoes and sweet corn from a can and it was delish AND we discovered chocolate flavored almond milk tonight as well which is also delish and I got to talk to my dear friend who is doing much better now and has ditched her abusive junkie boyfriend and I talked to my Mom on the phone 3 times today AND my brother got the job he applied for and is moving this month and my little sister decided her major for college and my other little sister moved into her new apartment so all in all it has been a pretty stellar day!  Thanks Full Moon!!


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