Making Things



YESTERDAY I painted a horse on our wall! The upside of living in a dilapidated church with rats who live behind your stove and people yelling “loose squares” outside your window at all hours is that you can do whatever the heck you want to the walls. I’m thinking of importing a rottweiler and a raccoon and a bear and a couple of birds from imaginationland as well.

TODAY we helped to put a roof on a portable shed that our friends are building. One of them is going to live in it, although they are a couple who are currently sharing a room. It made me think that a portable shed might be the solution to most relationship problems….the boy and I have been having some issues the past couple of days. Here is an example of our conversations:

Me: “You need to stop living in the past. That happened yesterday. What day is it now?”

He: “Tomorrow.”

Communication is key, they say.

Speaking of communication, tomorrow I will tell you about how I quit smoking (self-hypnosis) and how definitely not easy but simple it is to do!



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